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Punk culture with punk fashion

Le 12 May 2017, 10:29 dans Humeurs 0

Punk was born in the mid-seventies, is a kind of from the sixties garage rock and punk rock and roll simple rock and roll. It is the most primitive rock and roll - composed of a simple melody of the main melody and three chords, not pay attention to music skills, more inclined to ideological emancipation and anti-mainstream sharp stand, this original intention in the twentieth century,gothic clothing the seventies specific Historical background in both Britain and the United States have been actively followed, and finally formed a punk movement. In the punk rock and roll field, Sex Pistols and The Ramones are the more familiar representative of the punk music enlightenment period.

  Then the mens gothic clothing became more diverse and diversified, which took place like the band of The Clash into other underground music effects. But the message of punk music is the same; it is subversive, rebellious and anarchist, it is based on such as the face of social problems, the lower class of oppression and so on the subject, and even make the young People rely on its shaping the image of rebellion, with the piercing cry to reveal their own ideas. In the 1980s, the punk movement was completely integrated with social politics, and its critical lyrics covered many political events,casual bags for mens nuclear weapons, animal rights, interference in Central America, etc. Punk followers began to participate in a series of moral struggles and Set up a collection of isolated rebels. To the late 70s, the punk transition for the post-punk, new wave, hard core and other styles, and to the 80's, Gothic culture as its continuation of the punk continue to popular, can be said that more extreme, dark, Dyed brightly colored hair, obsessed with the medieval history of the religious culture of the Gothic punk to another level.

Create a Personalized Canvas Tote Bag

Le 1 August 2016, 09:37 dans Humeurs 0

Personalized canvas tote bag can be seen everywhere, photo on canvas especially in high school and college. Canvas bag as prizes or sweepstakes often things such as monthly staff away. Use personalized canvas tote bag may wish to spread their name or to draw attention to their products and services is very favorable. Vacationers also these bags are also good target. No matter how many suitcases have you always have bags of feed it is usually those items a. This article describes how to obtain sales personalized canvas shopping bags for your product tips together to get it out there.

Canvas shopping bags are great products, gifts to promote your business. Although they seem unconventional compared to Get a car can be said; however, photo print shopping bag does provide many years of brand name exposure. Canvas shopping bags by their users. A few years later, seniority. Automobile gifts, will eventually rupture, around it a small plastic square plate Your name. Canvas bag shoulder strap breaking this together when there are two handles on the bag usually canvas that. If the handle broken and unusable canvas shopping bags are left at home or discard invisible to the public. The point there is a big canvas shopping bags will be involved in a private moment of life, and the car door so you have (hopefully).


To begin creating your own canvas shopping bag is a simple way to access the graphics of your company logo. If you can, you should print out a sheet of paper, standard paper size on the line. When you print your canvas shopping bag to remember the size of the transaction. Graphics should be at least 5 inches 3 inches 3 or 3. For reference only access storage may sell canvas shopping bags and look at examples of different people. Never canvas bags to large photos or gouty and it seemed disgusted. 

Do all marble decorated pavement

Le 12 August 2015, 04:45 dans Humeurs 0

Home improvement should pay attention not to the entire building floor landscaping stone pavement. Marble tile than weight and wood floors several times higher, if the ground is possible to make all the marble paving slabs overwhelmed. Especially above the second floor, because without the identification of housing safety appraisal station house decoration, the weight of its surface decoration materials shall not more than 40 kg / m.

   Be home decoration, not free in the load-bearing walls piercing, releasable attachment balcony and doors

     Window wall and the expansion of the size of the original stone tile and windows or build another, this practice can cause cracks in buildings and severely affect local seismic capacity, thereby shortening the life stone for building.

     One of the key aspects is also waterproof toilet and bathroom renovations. The general practice is that before the renovation toilet and bathroom, first blocked drain, put more than 5 cm of water, water spray test, if leaking, they must redo the water; if you do not leak, they should be careful in the construction of the laying of the ground Do not damage the waterproof layer and tampered with upper and lower water and heating systems.

     In the pursuit of luxury living room decoration, the walls plastered with sheets, ceiling bordered two three-dimensional ceiling, this decoration is undesirable. Because the walls plastered with sheets, occupy larger space, will reduce the area of ​​the entire space, the costs are high cost, while not conducive to fire. The ceiling is too low will have a depressing sense of the entire room.

     When you select to use copper wire, aluminum hanged. Due to poor conductivity of aluminum, the use of easy to heat the wires, loose connections or even cause a fire. Also in the construction should be careful not to be directly on the wall Trench buried wires, should the formal installation of the casing in order to avoid leakage and fire.

     Interior To ensure the safety of gas pipelines and equipment requirements, do not arbitrarily Chaigai pipelines, so as not to affect the normal operation of the system. Also pay attention to the electrical equipment and gas pipelines and pipeline level spacing of not less than 10 cm, wire and gas pipes cross spacing less than 3 cm.

     Kitchen design not to be placed in a wooden stove to cabinet, but not the main gas valve package in a wooden cabinet. Once the cabinet on fire, gas valve in the fire would be difficult to shut down, the consequences would be disastrous.

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