Punk was born in the mid-seventies, is a kind of from the sixties garage rock and punk rock and roll simple rock and roll. It is the most primitive rock and roll - composed of a simple melody of the main melody and three chords, not pay attention to music skills, more inclined to ideological emancipation and anti-mainstream sharp stand, this original intention in the twentieth century,gothic clothing the seventies specific Historical background in both Britain and the United States have been actively followed, and finally formed a punk movement. In the punk rock and roll field, Sex Pistols and The Ramones are the more familiar representative of the punk music enlightenment period.

  Then the mens gothic clothing became more diverse and diversified, which took place like the band of The Clash into other underground music effects. But the message of punk music is the same; it is subversive, rebellious and anarchist, it is based on such as the face of social problems, the lower class of oppression and so on the subject, and even make the young People rely on its shaping the image of rebellion, with the piercing cry to reveal their own ideas. In the 1980s, the punk movement was completely integrated with social politics, and its critical lyrics covered many political events,casual bags for mens nuclear weapons, animal rights, interference in Central America, etc. Punk followers began to participate in a series of moral struggles and Set up a collection of isolated rebels. To the late 70s, the punk transition for the post-punk, new wave, hard core and other styles, and to the 80's, Gothic culture as its continuation of the punk continue to popular, can be said that more extreme, dark, Dyed brightly colored hair, obsessed with the medieval history of the religious culture of the Gothic punk to another level.